The information contained in Competitive Edge reflects specific aspects of our products, chosen to highlight Prudential’s competitive strengths. Other products may have advantages that are not discussed here. When comparing products, do not consider price alone; features and benefits are equally important.

All exhibits here are hypothetical and provide only a general view of relative illustrated values. Different assumptions about issue ages, rating classes, states of issue, non-guaranteed rates of return, charges, face amounts, or premium payments will produce different results, as will differences in pricing structures, charges, and fees. Actual client results will vary.

We can verify the accuracy of the values shown only for our own products; the other companies’ values are correct as of the time of research indicated on the piece.

Competitive Edge is NOT for use with consumers in any way. This includes, but is not limited to, no sharing, no showing, no discussion of the piece with a consumer in any manner.

I understand the intended use and purpose for Competitive Edge.

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